Monday, December 7, 2009


Perry was unable to do much more work on the scow after about November 10th, mostly due to weather and other priorities. Today (December 7th) it is definately winter here with bitterly cold lows of -33C! So no work will be done on the scow for some time now. We had a big blizzard and Perry says the scow is well and truly buried under a big snow drift but is safe under the big covering tarps. He might be able to do some small scale work in his work shop, but I think we can consider major construction on the scow suspended for at least 3 months. Over this time I will arrangle to have the scow tent constructed, crew tents made, get landowner permission to explore the badlands outcrops on their properties, give some public talks on the trip, buy some last supplies and equipment, and do a thorough census of all the tools and equipment for the trip which have been acquired over the past 6-7 years. These will be sorted by theme (i.e. kitchenware), brought together and boxed for the upcoming trip. Looks like we will leave in June, likely towards the end of the month so we can take advantage of snowmelt from the mountains and foothills. As much as I hate winter, I am hoping for one with lots of snow, so we have lots of water in the river for our trip.


  1. Sounds like this phase will be just as important as the construction phase--best of luck with all you're doing. Looking forward to the June launch!

  2. A minor setback, but the progress and preparation continue none-the-less. Good to hear and I wish you all luck!

  3. Being from New England, I can understand the love/hate relationship with the snow, but stay in touch eh.
    We're all rooting for you!