Monday, August 24, 2009

1:12 scale scow model pictures

Some 1;12 scale models of the American Museum scow "Mary Jane" as she appeared c. 1912. The 2010 scow will not be identical but pretty close to what you see here. We will also have a rowboat for the expedition.


  1. I assume that your going to use the technology from that year? Pretty cool! I like this glance into the past of Paleontology! ;) I will be following very closely! :)

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  2. We will try and keep it fairly accurate as to technology, but will will not on safety equipment. We will have an emergency transponder "just in case" and some sort of electronic device to upload images to this blog during the trip. We will have a few other minor modern touches but overall it will be 95% "authentic".

  3. Yes, I see it inevitable to exclude modern technology in this expedition. Safety IS improtant, after all.

  4. We are trying to avoid use of plastics wherever possible. There will be women in the crew which is a departure from 100 years ago.Probably we will be 95% using antique equipment or replicas of same.

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