Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Construction, August 25, 2009.

One "box" section (of 4) is now fully framed and the plywood sheet underside has begun. Two layers of glued and screwed plywood is used for the 4 floatation sections (sides and bottom). These in turn will have planks on the under side, the sides, and top (deck). The plywood boxes will be treated and waterproofed as will the planks which will be at/under the waterline. Upper wood surfaces will be stained for waterproofing and to make the scow look a bit aged.


  1. Sounds like it's coming along! When do you expect to have it finished, Mr. Tanke? :)

  2. Roughly 2 weeks from the starting date is what the carpenter tells me, though he may take some days of his regular work and put some full days work into it. Now he is just working in the evenings.