Saturday, October 3, 2009

Construction progress, October 1, 2009.

With this posting, this blog is now "caught up". Perry is seen here installing some thin steel plates on the bottom corners of the scow to protect it against accidental collisions with underwater rocks, etc. Any day entries missing for the past 2 weeks or so are due to weather interruptions, carpenter Perry taking some days off, or waiting to flip the scow over. We are presently aiming to flip the scow sections over on the evening of October 5th, weather permitting.


  1. Amazing,Looks like very substantial progress is being made even though the days are getting shorter..can't wait to see it flipped over. Question..are you folks going to use something like floatation foam in the cavities once you flip it? Thanks Art Sahlstein, Euless Texas

  2. Art, some kind of foam is strongly under consideration. It is very expensive however, one quote was $7,000!

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