Thursday, September 3, 2009

Construction delay, September 3, 2009.

Owing to rain showers and threatening skies, no construction was done today on the scow, nor will there be until this coming Sunday. Over ther next few days I will post pictures of the AMNH scow "Mary Jane" as she appeared 1910-1912. This picture shows her in 1910 with the tent directly attached to the deck. Barnum Brown is on the left and Peter Kaisen on the right, both from the American Museum of Natural History. I found out recently if you click on the blog images they will enlarge into high resolution versions that show a lot of details.


  1. Sorry about the Weather, Mr. Tanke! :P Darn, Chaos Theory, lol!

    You ARE right about the enlargement of the picture into high resolution images, but that ONLY works when the images are obtained from the web and NOT when they are from your personal computer. ;) Just some friendly advice. ;)

    That is a terriffic (spelling?) picture of "Mary Jane!" At least you have something to go by for accuracy. ;) Right?

  2. We have a good number of pictures of the Mary Jane, so lots of reference material. Also in Barnum brown letters he gives her proportions so we should be able to get a close match to the original.