Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Construction, September 2, 2009.

The latest construction pictures. An outline showing the fourth and final section is included here to show overall length of the finished scow. Your blogger Darren Tanke and his girlfriend Patty Ralrick are standing on the scow. Patty is a Ph.D. student at the University of Calgary. She will be the 2010 scow trips cook, but will also do work on her thesis project which involves latest Cretaceous microvertebrate sites. These sites can be bulk sampled (sacks of loose matrix), which are then soaked in the river off the sides of the scow in door screen-bottomed "wash boxes". The resultant concentrate can be sorted removing for example small bones and teeth, which are then categorized and catalogued during the trip. Other paleontology students will join us during the trip to conduct their thesis-related or research projects. The floatation boxes seen here will be completely clad in 2 X 10 planks as seen in two of the pictures.


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