Sunday, September 13, 2009

Internal infrastructure

Inside the scows tent will be a variety of items such as a wood-burning stove, upright ice chest, kitchen cupboard, table and 4 chairs, a bed (Patty and I will sleep on board for added security- don't want someone messing around with the scow while we are all away sleeping nearby), a desk and chair, plus some other smaller items. Configuring these is an important issue- for example the hot stove should not be near the bed or the ice chest. I had the carpenter made a small simple scale model of the scow and gave him length/width/height measurements of the above items to the same scale. Then I used the resulting blocks of wood he cut up and moved them around to see what was the best configuration for items inside the tent. The results are shown here. The scow itself is 12 X 30 feet. The tents floor area (12 X 16 feet), is represented by the smaller raised piece of wood with black edges. The rest of the items are identified. Some storage crates will be left outside and under oilcloth for rain protection. That end (stern) of the scow will be used for storage, the other end (bow) will be left mostly empty for crew lounging, socializing, etc.

The upright raised rectangle? That represents your blogger, Darren Tanke, 6 feet tall, the width of the wood piece is my measurements across the shoulders, so you can see I am tall and thin. The tent will be about 8 feet tall, but raised several more feet on wooden walls as seen in previous postings of the American Museum scow "Mary Jane".

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