Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Construction, September 15, 2009.

Perry the carpenter adds more of the tarred cloth-like material to the floatation sections of the scow. This material is sticky on one side and is designed to the next adjoining section (the seams are visible here as a shiny line). The material is simply rolled out, cut and the plastic backing removed. The material is held on with staples from a handheld staple gun. All seams, staples, etc will the further sealed from water infiltration by use of a strong and rubberized material dispensed out of a plastic squeeze bottle. This material is used to seal cracks in asphalt driveways. The tarred cloth-like material is then covered with the long planks which are each treated on all sides with water sealant. We are currently exploring the addition of expanding spray foam inside each floatation chamber for added strength and security. The weather still is excellent for construction, high today of +29C, though the mosquitoes are very active!

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  1. Good to hear...or is it read? LOL!! ;) You are proceeding as expected! Excellent! :)