Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Historical clothing

For some aspects of the trip we want to recreate not only the historical look of the scow and its accessories, but also the crew from time to time. We will wear period clothing or replicas of same on special days or for some reenactment pictures. I attach one of your blogger, Darren Tanke, in his "costume". I made this version into a sepia tone once and mixed it among some authentic old Sternberg c. WW I images, and no one could tell it was me!


  1. Ha-ha I love it! What a fun looking costume and photo :D

  2. my only compliant with the photo is you cropped out your co-digger from it ;)

    i'll be in touch, but i'd love to help out with at least one of these recreated days... (as you know i have the costume and everything)

  3. LOL!! You guys are really getting into this, aren't you? lol! ;) I, personally, never would have thought you all would go THIS far in authenticity. I thought it was to find those "Lost Quarries" of yours. ;)