Friday, May 28, 2010


On May 25th, I was in Calgary and got the scow formally registered with the Canadian Federal Government as a boat. The scow is now known as AB2421971 in government (Transport Canada) records. I have actually been dreading doing this for years as the scow is so atypical from a normal boat. I had contacted the government on several occasions beginning 6 years ago asking for clarification and a special exemption from the rules as the scow did not really fit their parameters of boat types. They never replied. I was tempted to just go ahead and not register the scow and take a chance, but new rules indicated I MUST register the scow. However these new rules included a "home built" category which the scow fit into nicely. All I needed was a bill of sale from the carpenter and I was quickly and efficiently registered by a kindly Service Canada representative. Cost? It was free!

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