Monday, May 10, 2010

Pancakes made the old way

We recently tried making pancakes using an antique pancake maker we will take on the scow. It was a disaster! It would cook OK on one side but stuck on the other, or the pancake split down the middle, sticking to both sides. Any ideas? We used oil to act as a separator but the metal must be just the perfect temperature for this to work. The pancakes worked in a standard frying pan.


  1. Darren--

    That old "pancake maker" (= waffle iron?) might need to be "seasoned". Presumably it hasn't been used in eons. Check the technique on this website:

    Good luck, and bon appetit!

    --Howard Allen

  2. In fact, thinking about it a little more, wouldn't you be better off taking a regular cast iron frying pan (they're readily available and also "period"), which can be used for multiple purposes, rather than this waffle iron, which is only good for one thing, and probably weighs twice as much? You could probably take two cast iron fry pans and get a lot more mileage out of them for the same weight.