Monday, May 24, 2010

Scow 2010 crew introductions: Tom Owen.

Born and raised in Edmonton, I am married to Lynne Ruzicka and have two children, Joe and Tess. Tess has also been invited to experience a portion of the scow trip. One of my sisters, Susan Owen Kagan, is employed in the paleontology laboratory at the University of Alberta (Edmonton) as a fossil preparator.

I am a professional lawyer and an amateur paleontologist. I often wish it was the other way around. Dinosaur hunting has blessed me with lifelong friends and memorable adventures. It has provided both intellectual and physical challenges. It has brought my family closer together. Very simply, it has made me very happy.

The chance to recreate history by travelling on the scow stirs my imagination. And I hope to advance the science in some small way, by assisting my dedicated professional companions in their researches.
[It should also be noted that Tom is a board member of the Dinosaur Research Institute, who are helping sponsor the scow trip].

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