Saturday, May 29, 2010

Scow project update, May 29, 2010.

A rainy and even snowy (yuck) day in Drumheller. So.............. we are now only a month away from launching! This rain is welcome as it rehydrates the parched land and will raise the level of the Red Deer River, but it intereferes with Perry's construction work on the scow.

Today I will see a man about making up a sheet-metal adapter between the exhaust pipe on the back of the wood stove and the lengths of stovepipe themselves that will rise vertically and extend through the roof of the tent (through a square of fire-proof material sewn into the canvas). The crew and scow tents are all being made now in Calgary. We slightly reduced the main tent on the scow in size from 16' X 12' to 16' X 11'. Reducing the width slightly allows the tying of the tent to a supplementary external wooden frame and especially for storage of the tillers and wooden gangplanks.

Patty got her reprint of the 1915 "Five Roses Cookbook" and will try some of these recipes soon.

I will write up a news release on the upcoming scow trip soon so don't be surprised if you see us in your local newspaper or on radio in Alberta (and Canada- hopefully!). Also will be in various paleo blogs.

Have been exploring how to upload images during the trip to this blog. Looks like I will take good quality pictures with my digital camera, load them onto my laptop (we will have some modern technology on the trip), take laptop up to a higher point out of the river valley (where needed) until I get a cell phone signal, insert a "turbo stick" into the USB port on laptop, log on to this blog and upload scow trip pictures and text. I hope to do this every two days (maybe everyday)- weather, and cell phone signal coverage permitting. More photos can be uploaded after the trip is over (August 7-8).

Several people have kindly offered donations of cash or food (preserves, jams). We will gladly accept these. Anyone who donates will be acknowledged in future publications, talks, etc. Donations can be sent to:

Darren Tanke
2010 Scow Project
1120-2nd Ave West
Drumheller, AB

Alternatively, donations could be sent to the Dinosaur Research Institute in Calgary who are helping fundraise in support of the historical awareness and scientific aspects of this project and are administering cash donations. Let me know if you wish to donate through them; email me at:


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