Sunday, May 23, 2010

Scow construction update, May 23, 2010.

A variety of construction pictures taken on a windy and chilly day. Big progress!! :) The heavy upright wooden dowels (called "tholes") will be dropped down into predrilled holes in the heavy wood blocks so will not be as high as seen here. The heavy blocks of wood for and aft will be attached to scow with heavy bolt/screws. In some shots you can see a long narrow piece of wood (square in cross section) that spans the width of the scow. This demarcates one end of the tent. Also shown: steel straps to help hold the sections together, the well for ice storage (still needs to be lined with tin sheeting), and the 1:1 scale mock-up clevis (longer 2X4 piece atop a shorter length) which ropes attach to when we tied up to shore. Even though the tiller is off center on the heavy wood block, it did not require much downwards pressure to raise it up and down.

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