Sunday, June 6, 2010

Scow construction update: June 6, 2010.

Construction progress as of today. Perry has waterproofed much of the wood, and done side planks on one side and close to being done on the other side. Top decking goes on next. The mosquitoes were awful here! The concrete anchor set properly, it was a bit of a fight getting it out of the pail- fortunately the plastic pail was old and I was able to crack it open in several places to remove the anchor. I will let it cure a week or so, seal it with some waterproof preservative, and then some coats of paint. It sure is heavy! Tomorrow Patty will do some odd jobs related to the scow project. We still have not found a trucking company who can do the work of hauling the scow to Red Deer, she will explore some of the local oilfield hauling companies.

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