Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scow trip June 29-30, 2010.

Not good news I'm afraid. We got away OK at 3:15 yesterday, but only a couple kilometres downstream hit a bridge piling side on. Some smashed drinking glasses and ceramic mixing bowls were the only minor damage in the kitchen. One of the tiller support blocks was smashed but usable, I was able to nail it back together. After that a leaning tree tried to swipe the tent off the scow. A collision with the bank shattered the tiller block again, and snapped a tiller clean in two. We then had a rough landing in which Patty fell and badly sliced her left index finger open which resulted in an ambulance trip to the Red Deer Hospital. A nasty thunderstorm ensued and we heard of a tornado in the area. We camped on some flat land right above where we stopped, the river now a raging torrent. We only made 12 kilometers yesterday. Perry is on his way to do some repairs. Travelling by scow is very challenging as we are discovering the hard way. In places it is swift (10 km/hr.) with shallow rapids, but placid for the most part so far. We hope to continue on again later today (10 am on the 30th as I write this). Seem to be having troubling uploading pictures so just sending this update.


  1. Oh my! Please be careful out did well to get 12 km. With luck, the weather will hold for the rest of the trip and things will be problem free.

  2. Oh no!! I am sorry to hear about that! I hope the rest of the trip goes much better. Please stay safe and be careful out there!

  3. Yikes! Bad luck. Well, Barnum Brown didn't have bridge pilings to contend with back in 1910, did he? You've got more of a challenge in some respects--that's progress, eh? Hopefully sweepers (the leaning trees) will become less of a problem when you get into the badlands.

    Good luck!

    --Howard Allen