Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scow project update: June 9, 2010.

Another frustratingly wet day! :(

Between rain showers Perry was able to do an hours work on the scow last night. He also recently finished a gangplank to traverse over wet and/or muddy areas when we are tied up to shore. He is also going to get some round poles. One will serve as the main tents ridge pole and the others form a simple external framework that the tents external ropes tie onto. Patty picked up two heavy ropes in Calgary today that a valued colleague kindly did some braiding work on (finishing of one end and making of a loop on the other end). These are for tying the scow to trees or heavy steel pins when we are stopped. We now have a trucking company in Drumheller that will do the hauling work for us so that is a great relief! I will look at the truck tomorrow after work. We are just doing the last edits on the news releases on the scow trip and these are to be issued tomorrow. Our special permits to the City of Red Deer have been submitted. All we need now is some hot sun and the main scow tent....

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