Monday, June 7, 2010

Scow construction update: June 7, 2010.

The weather continues to be unsettled, cold, windy and showery. We went up to see the scow tonight and met with a man from an oilfield services company in Drumheller about picking up the scow and taking it to Red Deer. It looks like they will take on the job. Seems they can take the scow and load it onto a trailer as a single piece. Perry returned some unneeded plywood sheets today and got money back on those and used some of that to buy other lumber and water sealants required to finish the job. The pictures here show the top decking planks, but they are all loose and set there to allow the water sealant to dry out. One side needs to be so treated, then they will be attached to the scow. I am currently in contact with the City of Red Deer regarding special permits for launching the scow, they were excited about the project. A news release announcing the trip is in the editing stages. We still do not have the main scow tent, but I gather work on it will begin soon.

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