Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scow project update, June 13, 2010; testing the stove (part 2)

Today Patty tried baking some muffins in the scows old oven. Here we see before and after pictures, as you can see, it worked! It is a recipe from a 1915 cookbook.


  1. dawn from the frozen northJune 13, 2010 at 7:16 PM

    Hi Gang,

    Glad to see that the cookbook has provided some delicious looking recipes.

    A few posts back you talked about using the canning jars. Believe it or not, the rubber jar rings are still produced. I picked up some the other day from Superstore. I would guess that Extra foods or Real Canadian Wholesale would also carry them. They are by the Viceroy company and the rings are for use on Corona, Jewel, Crown and Gem jars. I don't know what size your jars are, but these would certainly give you a bit more seal for your dry goods.

    While I am still on the old time product theme, there are a couple of soaps that came to mind when you brought up the subject. Ivory soap is circa 1879 and Sunlight bar soap is circa 1884. I would use the latter on clothing, not people though. It may not be green, but it is certainly of the period.


  2. I remember my Grandmother cooked using recipes from a Five Roses Cookbook - it was old, battered and very well used but looked very much like the one in the picture. She live most of her life in Redcliff and Medicine Hat. I wonder what ever became of that book!